Cantico bracht een Passieconcert in de kerk van Opdorp. Hier vind je de opnames in audio formaat.


1. Sinfonia uit BWV 196 (InHeRiNi)
2. Drie koralen uit de Mattheuspassie, BWV 244 (Cantico, InHeRiNi, Stefaan De Roeck)
3. Jesu meines Lebens Leben, BuxWV 62 (Cantico, InHeRiNi, Stefaan De Roeck)
4. Ad Faciem, BuxWV (Cantico, InHeRiNi, Stefaan De Roeck)
5. The Crucifixion (Cantico, Lars Corijn, Stefaan De Roeck)

Opgesplitste versie van The Crucifixion:

5.1 The Agony
5.2 Processional to Calvary
5.3 And when they were come
5.4 Cross of Jesus
5.5 And as Moses
5.6 God so loved the world
5.7 The Litany of the Passion
5.8 Jesus said
5.9 The mystery of the intercession
5.10 And one of the malefactors
5.11 The adoration of the crucified
5.12 When Jesus therefore saw his mother
5.13 Is it nothing to you
5.14 The appeal of the crucified
5.14 After this
5.16 For the love of Jesus


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Virtueel Cantico zong "Dirait-on"

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